Shaun Wallis


On behalf of the members, I would like to welcome you to the Good Blokes Society. Founded in 2014, the GBS has been built around the mutual enjoyment of sport, business and a good old-fashioned Friday lunch.

Known to most members as the GBS, the Good Blokes Society provides a range of safe and secure platforms for men to create and develop their social and business relationships.

Our growing community consists of great blokes who share a common approach to life both personally and professionally. We host a range of events to provide members with opportunities to enjoy the company of like-minded good blokes. We encourage regular communication between members and take pride in the supportive culture the GBS has created.

The core of the GBS is to allow men to get together in an entertaining environment to enjoy themselves whilst building meaningful relationships. It is important that we provide a platform for men to have real conversations and to celebrate being a “good bloke”.

We encourage members to introduce guests to our events as we look forward to growing our membership. If you are interested in joining or attending one of our events please reach out as we look forward to welcoming you to the Good Blokes Society.

Warm regards,

Shaun Wallis

GBS Mission Statement

We are a group of passionate Good Blokes that have been brought together through our enjoyment of horse racing and a Friday lunch. We enjoy mixing in a casual and fun environment with like-minded Good Blokes to create positive relationships.

Charity Partner

For the 2019 / 2020 membership year, the GBS will support Outside the Locker Room.