Member Values

GBS Member Values

The Good Blokes Society as many of us are aware was formed in 2014, we have seen the humble beginnings evolve into an organisation that has given us all a lot of great memories, wonderful lifelong friendships, fostered some fantastic business connections and provided a platform for us all to enjoy each other’s company as well as support men’s health in a meaningful and positive way.


As the GBS Community grows and we welcome new members to join us it is important that we reinforce the values that each and every one of us has organically adopted and accepted in order to be a Good Bloke. We all stumble at times and often there are a number of us who need support so our values are important to us all as individuals and as a group.  The values below are simple but also reach into our core as members of the Good Blokes Society, let’s continue enjoying the experiences we have together and have fun doing it but also remind ourselves of the reasons we connect and live these values.


  • Do the right thing, always.
  • Bring out the best in everyone.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be Accountable: Each of us is responsible for our words and our actions.
  • Have integrity: We are trustworthy and act in good faith.
  • Respect: We recognise the thoughts, feelings and circumstances of others are as important as our own.
  • Inclusion: Embrace all members, be present and welcoming.
  • Teamwork: Sometimes one of us needs a little help, be there for each other.
  • Fun: Lets enjoy this community and have fun doing it.
  • Make a little music.