Heart 180

GBS is proud to announce it’s partnership with Guy Leech & his nationally based defibrillator company – Heart180.

Heart180’s mission is to get a defib within 180 seconds of anyone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest in Australia.

Sudden cardiac arrest is Aust’s biggest killer.

We lose 100 Aussies every day from sudden cardiac arrest.

Only a defib can restart the heart with a shock.

Guy lost one of his best mate Charles “Chucky” Stewart to a heart incident at the completion of one of his fitness classes In Manly NSW back in 2016.

That was the motivation & purpose he needed to launch this very important initiative.

GBS see this as the perfect partnership to help Guy reach his goal!

We have already seen a number of our members get hold of these lifesaving devices.

For more info on Heart180 go to – www.heart180.com.au or call 1300 478 180